Science of no progress

We live in a world which consists of very unusual and bizarre things. But there is a thing which has caught all of my attention. And this thing is the possibility of existence of worlds similar to ours. Yes, I’m talking about parallel dimensions. It sounds creepy as well but it can probably concern your curiosity.

The multiverse is a hypothesis which tells that there’s likelihood of continuance of several other universes. Theories proposing this topic have been explained, though the gateway to these parallel universes is yet undiscovered.

Scientists have thoroughly researched these theories and they have related these multiverses with other subjects like quantum physics, the black hole, spacetime continuum, astronomy, etcetera. It is closely related to quantum mechanics where it is also known by another term namely many worlds interpretation.

There is a thing I fear is, what if these parallel realities are home to uncanny creatures? What if this becomes a cause for Earth’s sixth mass extinction?

This is why science is unpredictable. While it is developing for our well-being, it’s setting up a trap for the human existence. People think if they live in a high tech world, it will lead to their growth and make them the conquerors of this world. But I think this development is only going to lead us to a dumb dead end of no return, making us the slaves of  another substantial creature belonging from another universe.